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05/02 customisation: welcome back…

I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while, unfortunately, partly because I sold my Nexus S and went back to iOS. I may have stated previously that I got rid of my iPhone 4 because it was quite stale, and I was looking for more freedom and a platform which would allow me to create an experience that was more reflective of my personality. Though while this was appealing, the flaws of the Android operating system quickly became apparent – the lack of consistency across the operating system and frequent app crashes caused me to think back to the elegance of iOS. The attention to detail within design that was throughout iOS was not existent within Android, and as a user that heavily focuses on the experience Android was not fulfilling my needs. Therefore – after just two months of using Android and the Nexus S – I had no regrets in purchasing an iPhone 4 for the second time.

So here’s my first iOS screenshot: nothing too adventurous, but appealing and elegant nonetheless. Looking at my Android screenshots they both seem amateurish and, dare I say it, ‘ugly’. I believe that iOS just looks more professional.

I’ve included two screenshots so you can see what apps I have included. I’ll list all of my apps from left to right on each screen; obviously I won’t name the stock apps.

Screenshot #1:

Game Dev Story
Infinity Blade
Lil’ Pirates
Real Racing 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Screenshot #2:

XE Currency
Mod My iPhone
My O2
Reeder (the best RSS app)
Sky Sports News
Amazon UK

You can find me on Twitter, Deviantart and Xbox Live at Pari4h.

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