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Late-to-the-party preview: Trials HD

Yes, I do realise that I’m almost a year late.

Rarely do I pick up a game – and even more rarely, an Xbox Live Arcade game – and find myself having an incredible sense of fun straight away. That’s not to say I don’t find games fun, but rather it usually takes time to get into whatever I’m playing (consider games like Oblivion, which take a good hour or two present the premise). Therefore, when I downloaded Trials HD on a rainy Sunday afternoon I was blown away by the sheer fun factor.

For those of you who haven’t played Trials HD, go and download the demo (at least). For the rest of you, here’s the gist: Trials HD is a physics-based fun-ride which challenges you to navigate an anonymous biker over, under and through obstacles in the quickest time possible while maintaining the literal balancing act of not falling off or crashing. This means you’re going have to overcome everything from near-vertical drops, to loop the loops. The added challenge is that the game doesn’t ask you to simply ride over/through/around the course, but the exaggerated physics mean that the bike may flip out if you do not pay attention. As difficult as this may sound, it’s very easy to pick up.

Though you do have some help. You navigate the bike by using the left analog stick to accelerate or reverse, and the right analog stick to tilt the bike forwards or backwards. This means when you’re going up a steep incline you’ll probably want to lean forward, but do so for too long (or apply too much pressure) and you will be flailing around everywhere before you know it. If you also have the audacity, feel free to do a backward flip or two before you land. Want to compliment you’re best run-through ever with a fancy move? Go ahead, but please: remember to land. The incentive is there because at the top of the screen you’ll see a ticker, representing your friends(s), moving away from you as their ghost driver posts a faster time. Got a silver medal (out of bronze, silver and gold)? Go again. Got a gold medal? Improve your time, because someone will have beaten you.

The demo also presented two ‘skill modes’, which put you and the driver in totally-not-realistic situations. Driving around in a giant ball and trying not to fall off your bike while ti speeds up is crazy, as is blasting your biker out of his seat to launch him as far as possible with a pair of skis attached. Fortunately there are plenty of these types of modes, and they certainly don’t feel tacked on with the variation and the continue leaderboard support versus your friends and the rest of the world.

I have certainly not played Trials HD fully, but I certainly will. There are plenty of hooks here that encourage a competitive spirit, driving you (literally) to better your friends. The most remarkable aspect of the game, however, seems to be the sheer depth.

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