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Post-Glastonbury… and I loved U2

After managing to catch up on the wealth of Glastonbury content that my Sky+ box was storing, I first and foremost loved Coldplay and U2. In-fact, I think Coldplay may have edged the show overall. However, I preferred U2.

Both do great, awe-inspiring anthemic songs. In this regard I think U2 edge (no pun intended) it, with tracks such as I Will Follow and With Or Without You resonating across generations. That’s not to say Coldplay don’t do the same, classic tracks such as Yellow definitely hit the sweet spot. However, and while some may view this as a negative aspect of the band, U2 use their signature sound and The Edge’s memorable guitar riffs to really connect with the audience. Of course Coldplay do the same, but in my opinion the sound of U2 really allows a connection between the audience that few bands around the world right now can compare to.

Of course, you’re also probably talking about what is the biggest band in the world right now. What with breaking the record for the fastest selling tour and everything.

Oh, and here’s a little sample of their performance.

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